Core Zone

The Coze Zone is defined as the area that contains the identified heritage structures and comprises the area that is integral to keeping the significance of the Heritage Zone.

From our earlier assessment, it was easy to see that the historic structures in San Pablo lined the main street, in this case, Rizal Avenue. Thus, for the core zone, the church, being the terminus of this urban assemblage, was a logical start. The core zone travels in a linear path down toward the old PNR line, ending at the ceremonial arch set up by the local Lions” Club.

The scope of the core zone is indicated in red

This is a seeming fit as the arch announces a ceremonial “Welcome” as people enter the heart of the main street. This also alludes to the significance of the street and of San Pablo as a connector to and from Manila. Further, the main street of San Pablo encapsulates the American colonial town planning principles as advocated by planner Daniel Burnham.

It is thus recommended that the core zone be composed of:

  • The identified Type 1 Structures and the lot on which they stand;
  • The length of Rizal Avenue, including the whole block on which the church stands, up until the welcome arch at Holy Rosary St.;
  • The core zone will also affect the properties on either side of Rizal Avenue along the identified areas;
  • The protected area of the core zone will be from the edge of the street fifteen meters (15) inwards the lot